hey guys!

hey guys!

Why do people always bring up us having cute babies, before they bring up us getting married?

Most people don’t even say marriage. Just babies, beautiful babies. 

Stop that shit. 

I get really annoyed…

When IR couples take photos of their hands and have the caption 

"Love sees no color"

That shit is so corny. Shut up

If I ever find out….

That someone took a picture of us. Talking about “I spotted an AMBW couple, they’re so cute” and posted it all over the internet…

I will find you and beat your ass. I’m not even joking. This is not the fucking zoo. I am not a fucking science experiment. Don’t take pictures of couples in the street.

You fucking fan girl ass bitch.

bored as fuck right  now

When girls tag photos of themselves as AMBW


You’re an Asian male Black female couple? 


Edit: man as well….. YALL AINT SPECIAL 


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